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Fox Gonzo Lure

Fox Gonzo Lure

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If you want a crankbait which looks just like a prey fish – you just found it, the ‘Gonzo’! With the Gonzo we offer a slightly plump, hard lure with a teasertail in two versions: SR – shallow runner and DR – deep runner.

The teasertail is a very special feature on both Gonzos. This tail divides the crankbait into two segments but the Gonzo doesn’t demonstrate the typical motion of two-segment baits but behaves like a single bait with the tail creating a very fast movement and a highly attractive simulation of a prey fish. In addition to this there is a red treble hook that acts as the focal point for bite attacks and this has been moved from the belly to the tail section to give a better hooking ratio.

The SR version runs very shallow and is particularly suited to surface fishing in flowing waters as it does not twist in fast currents. The DR versions run deeper and are real all-rounders that keep running straight - even under high water pressure created by currents or fast spinning.

The Gonzo is the one to use to get bites when the fishing is tough; both models are floating and fitted with Japanese split rings and two needle-sharp Powerpoint treble hooks with slightly inturned points.

PRO Hard Lure 80SR 80DR
Length: 8cm 8cm
Weight: 10g 12g
Type: Crank Bait / Shallow Runner / floating Crank Bait / Deep Runner / floating
Diving Depth max.: 1m-3m
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